Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey Zimmerman – Holding Back Tears on Stage (WEA)

Bailey Zimmerman’s current single at country radio is “Fall In Love.”

The more that fans get to know “Fall In Love” as they hear it on the radio, Bailey is hearing it sung back to him at shows more and more as well.

This past weekend Bailey had the crowd falling in love with his music at Country Thunder Wisconsin.

Bailey shares what it’s like for him to perform in concert and have the crowd sing along with him.

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“Hearin’ ‘em sing the songs back is unreal. I have to hold back tears almost every single time I hear ‘Fall In Love’ sang back to me or ‘Rock And A Hard Place” sang back to me…because it’s just a dream you know. So, when it does happen it’s super emotional.”

Bailey will have plenty of opportunities to hear fans sing his music back to him on his upcoming tour dates.

Check out the music video for Bailey Zimmerman’s current single “Fall In Love.”

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